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The Fratelli Piacenza wool mills have always stood out for their determined quest for excellence, right from the very first selection of wools. Their exclusive articles are made using wools sourced in Australia and New Zealand. Demanding parameters guide the selection, from a narrow field that only ever envisages the very finest of fine micron ratings: for the wools used to produce 240s suits, this may be as fine as 11microns. Innovation blends with tradition in these wools, enabling fabrics with exceptional design and performance potentials to be developed..

The Spring Summer Proposals collection is a sophisticated selection of impalpable cloths in pure cashmere, superfine Australian wools and fresh blends in linen and silk, exalting the soft hand feel, comfort and elegance. 
The accurate selection of natural fibers is our most important mission. Accurate raw materials selection, colours and design research bring to life unique high quality fabrics without loosing theirs traditional elegance.  

Known as the “Yarn of the Gods”, Vicuña earned this reputation for its divine properties: it is one of the world’s finest fibres. Its sheer scarcity, which also means that it is extremely hard to come by, contributes to increasing its value, making it all but priceless. These camelids’ fleeces are shorn by hand or collected along the paths of the high Andean mountain plateaux, where the animals live in the wild. As a result of special agreements with Peruvian communities, the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills have succeeded in securing a reliable source for the “Fleece of the Gods” and trans- form the fibres to create fabrics in high demand in the luxury sector and the world’s finest tailoring establishments.

The road to the finest cashmere takes us to Alashan. The Fratelli Piacenza wool mills select the noble raw material directly in China, in the region of Inner Mongolia, in this way once again making a mark for its excellence. Destined by this excellence to be the preserve of luxury, the “divine” yarn stimulated the Fratelli Piacenza mills to blaze a trail that goes in only direction: that of growth. It was vitally important for the firm to gain the capacity to start at the origins, so as to take to the wing and fly towards new horizons, experiencing tradition as know-how for development and not as a cage that blocks the creative process towards re- searching new interpretations of luxury. It is this philosophy that led to the development of our technical cashmeres and worn cashmeres, testimonials of a contemporary collection. Breath is an almost weight- less fabric made using this exceptional yarn. The research team has made the most of the thread’s extreme fineness, managing to create a fabric that weighs only 160 grammes. The result is a cashmere with a denier of 160,000, which means that one Kilo of fabric contains 160 km of yarn. This makes Breath an icon on the fabrics scene, an unquestioned benchmark for creating clothing with a unique feel, gentle to touch and ultralight in weight.

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