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A sustainable company, a traceable product

Tollegno 1900 is one of the main protagonists of the Italian and international textile sector, thanks to a structure containing within itself all steps of the supply chain: from the production of the yarns to the fabrics for clothing, specializing merino wool and precious fibers.

Tollegno is deeply linked to their territory and are committed and involved in a project that ensures full product traceability of the fibers used for their yarns and fabrics.

We believe in quality and service: values and guarantees related to the artisan tradition that still allow us to produce luxury products. We focus on eco-sustainability and transparency, ensuring the traceability of all our products from the origin of raw materials.  We invest in technology and innovation to improve the performance of our manufacturing processes. While using the most advanced technologies and the most modern manufacturing, organizational and management processes, provides a daily respect for people and the environment.

     • Producing its energy through a hydroelectric plant and the use of two photovoltaic panels systems.

     • High Level investments in technology to minimize power consumption.

     • Purifying the water with a sewage treatment plant.

An attention to the environment which also applies to the entire production reality.

The Beaufront property, home of the premier merino sheep farm, identifies and incorporates practices that suit the unique environment to promote bio-diversity and grazing. Frequent auditing of ground cover and plant species is carried out to maintain the high standards of the property. Attention to the highest levels of animal welfare for wool production are applied. Certificates for non-mulesed wool are available. A professional shearing team is employed to ensure all wool is harvested in an ethical manner, ensuring the sheep are handled in a stress free environment.

3D WOOL®, a wool fabric characterized by high elasticity, presented in both mono and bi-stretch.

This extraordinary fabric can reach an elasticity up to 18%, in order to guarantee a perfect fit with a performance ideal also for leisure.

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